About Us

The Alliance for Space Development (ASD) is dedicated to influencing space policy toward the goals of space development and settlement. The founding, executive organizations are the National Space Society and the Space Frontier Foundation.

Alliance Goals:

  • Reducing the cost of access to space.
  • Stimulating and accelerating the growth of space industries.
  • Making the development and settlement of space a clearly defined part of why we are sending humans into space.

Alliance Objectives for 2016

  1. Support full-funding for Commercial Crew program
  2. Establish an Ultra Low Cost Access to Space (ULCATS) Prize (see DRAFT BILL).
  3. Pass the Commercial Space Industrialization Act
    1. Ensure a low-risk gapless transition from ISS to private space stations in LEO, with NASA serving as an early customer (see DRAFT BILL).
    2. Require commercial-style acquisition and development of lunar and asteroid resources
    3. Clarify key issues in space property rights
  4. Make space development and settlement part of NASA’s official mission (see SUBMITTED BILL)

See ASD 2015 Annual Report [PDF]

See Space News article: New Alliance To Promote Space Development and Settlement Policies

See letter to Space News: Alliance Focused on Space Development, Not the Destination.

Contact Us: info@allianceforspacedevelopment.org

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