2018 August Home District Blitz / Fall Fury

You are cordially invited to join the 2018 Annual ASD/NSS/SFF August Home District Blitz congressional action event. This event supports the 2018 Alliance for Space Development (ASD) annual campaign. Briefing materials will be provided on topics such as commercial LEO space station initiatives, legislation to enable Cislunar commercialization, and support for planetary defense. The August Home District Blitz is free and open to all; invite your space-interested friends.

This year we will be using a google form to file reports on each meeting. Although you can fill out the form on a mobile phone it is strongly recommended that one member of the team bring a tablet or laptop to type notes during the meeting. Alternatively notes can be taken by hand during the meeting and entered in the form later. However if you do this be sure to print out the form to refer to so you collect all the needed information.

  1. Please take pictures of all staffer business cards and email them as attachments to ian.burrell@allianceforspacedevelopment.org or dale.skran@nss.org
  2. Photos taken during the meeting should be emailed as attachments to Ian at ian.burrell@allianceforspacedevelopment.org or dale.skran@nss.org

Please direct any questions to August Blitz Chair Ian Burrell at ian.burrell@allianceforspacedevelopment.org or NSS Policy Chair Dale Skran at dale.skran@nss.org.

(More information about past August Blitzes.)

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