March Storm

Register Now for March Storm Congressional Space Advocacy Event – March 11-13, 2024

The Alliance for Space Development’s March Storm space advocacy event returns to Washington, DC, March 11-13, 2024. Mandatory training for advocates will be conducted Monday, followed by meetings with Senate and House offices, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Meetings will be conducted in House and Senate office buildings on Capitol Hill. The event hotel is still in work, but will be Metro accessible. Details will be made available to registered participants.


If you cannot attend, please consider making a donation to support our advocacy work.

March Storm Objectives

Current events in Washington have brought the US regulatory environment for commercial space development to the forefront of legislators and advocates. The focus of March Storm 2024 is to seize this opportunity to enact a regulatory framework that will help foster and accelerate commercial space activity. This year’s objectives include 

  • Extending the “learning period” for commercial human space flight.
  • Passing the Commercial Space Act (H.R. 6131), designating the Department of Commerce as responsible for licensing commercial space missions.
  • Increasing funding for the Office of Commercial Space Transportation to meet vastly increased number of launches and elevating the office to report to the Secretary of Transportation.
  • A commerce-focused study of the economic potential for Space Solar Power to beam clean energy to Earth.

We will also support the NEO Surveyor asteroid-hunting space telescope, the ORBITS Act (S. 477) to develop technologies to mitigate orbital debris, and NASA-STMD’s research and development for in situ resource utilization technology (ISRU), which is necessary for long term human presence on the Moon and beyond.

Please share this information with anyone interested in participating in our Citizens’ Space Agenda!