March Storm

March Storm Advocacy Event

“March Storm” is our annual space advocacy event held each spring in Washington, DC. The goal is to influence policy decisions and funding for space-related programs. March Storm is organized through the Alliance for Space Development, a coalition of fifteen space development focused organizations. 

During March Storm, citizen-advocates gather in Washington to meet with congressional representatives and advocate for specific priorities that support space exploration, space development, and ultimately human expansion into space. 

It’s an opportunity for space enthusiasts and professionals to have direct conversations with lawmakers and their staffs to promote the importance of space development, exploration, and technology. 

Details of future advocacy events will be posted here.

Alliance Objectives for 2023

  1. Extend the “learning period” limiting FAA regulation of commercial human space launch for another eight years.
  2. Initiate a clean energy technology demonstration of Space Solar Power beamed to Earth from low Earth orbit, deployed within five years.
  3. Protect Earth from hazardous asteroids by increasing funding for the NEO Surveyor space telescope, to help recover from major cuts in FY22 and FY23.
  4. Additional Objectives: Highlight the importance for space development of Commercial LEO Development, Commercial Crew Program, Lunar Gateway, Human Landing System, Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS), and Space Technology including in-situ resource utilization. 

ASD 2023 Objectives Presentation [PDF]

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